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Landscape (ID 96-04)
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Artist Bio
Artist: Cornelia Brand
Country: South Africa
A member since: 2004
ARTwork online: 6
ARTwork Visits: 20949

"My paintings are a reflection of my complex personality and gives meaning to my life and colour to those of other"


As a child I used to love wondering off on my own and just absorb and observe the immense space before me.
My paintings are always related to an emotional memory. It could be the textures of an object, or the magic of light and colour that provokes and motivates me. In portraiture, I aspire to find and capture the essence of the person's character.
I use light and tone to capture the mood of the work and with my choice of pose, technique, and colour, I intensify the temperament and characteristics of the person or group. I enjoy exploring the relationships in a group painting and would subtly exploit these.

I was schooled in Stellenbosch and matriculated in Brackenfell in 1990. After that I moved to the beautiful Gansbaai with my parents in 1991 where I started my career as a police woman.
I have studied many subjects through the police at the Technicon. During this time I completed the National Diploma: Administration. I also started studies for an Interior designer, whilst completing the National Higher Diploma.
During these years I became a passionate art lover and interior decorator, moving furniture around on an almost daily basis. After the 1994 democratic election in South Africa and the restructuring, I realized that my police career would take a strange turn that I didn?t intend.
I always wanted to be a Captain at the age of 28, but that suddenly changed with new policing policies. That made me sad, negative and left me with mixed emotions.With little time to come to terms with these feelings, both my mother & father passed away and left me without my safe and secure anchors in life. I left the beautiful town of Gansbaai and settled in Gordons Bay, pursuing my career as a full time police officer.
A beautiful daughter changed my life completely during the next few years.
But then, 9 years into South African Democracy my life changed dramatically, when several of our members were transferred to different stations according to Reg 7/2002. Only a few kilometres away, but my life was horrifically torn apart.
I cried, nagged, shouted, broke several items, used rude language, fell into depression, picked up the pieces and started a new career challenge at Strand Police.
It was in this time of utmost depression, that I grabbed every opportunity to make money; one of them painting. I have always been busy with my hands, making or moving something. The few paintings I have made before, were to complement the interior of my house, because I didn?t have the money to buy an expensive art piece.
I painted several wildlife portraits, portraying all my negative feelings against my superiors, calling them ugly names (the paintings) and all of them sold to my utmost surprise. That was 18 months ago and everything fell systematically into place for me. I am still a police officer at the Strand with wonderful members to support me with our immense task of protecting our citizens. Even my feelings towards management have changed since.
I now see every event or situation in a very different light and use these challenges to guide me.
My paintings are strongly influenced by the changes that took place in South Africa and in my life, since democracy where after I, like so many other South Africans, developed a far deeper awareness of the richness of his African environment and legacy. Inspired by that I have developed a passion for art, although no education in such a subject, have ever come to my mind.
My paintings are naive and simplistic in form. An earthy influence is present in most works. The use of colours is highlighted by bright colours depicting the multifaceted nation. I work mainly in oils occasionally using a combination of oils and acrylics in some of my works. This allows a bolder texture and an ?etching? effect for cultural and sexual forms.

About the Artwork
Title: Landscape (ID 96-04)
Style: Decorative
Subject: Landscape
Uploaded: 16-Oct-04

Artist: Cornelia Brand
Medium: Oils
Size: 210 x 290 mm

Location of the Artist
Landscape (ID 96-04)
By Cornelia Brand

South Africa

Artist Bio
"My paintings are a reflection of my complex personality and gives meaning to my life and colour to those of other" ...
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