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Freedom Street
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Artist Bio
Artist: Mary Susan Vaughn
Country: United States
A member since: 2007
ARTwork online: 3
ARTwork Visits: 13622

Always the creative spirit, Susan was born with a paint
brush in hand and an enthusiasm for color and fine art. At
home as a child, her parents had a large oil painting of a
scene in Paris hanging over the sofa in their living room
that she would stare at just to see how the colors were
placed on the canvas.

In 1st grade in Silver Spring, Maryland, Susan had an art
teacher that sparked her interest in being an artist - her
name was Mrs. Nye. Her classroom was covered with
poster prints of Van Gogh, Degas, Renoir, and Monet
paintings. Each class was a different lesson about the
Masters or how they created such beautiful paintings.
Susan recalls one class when Mrs. Nye placed a master
painting copy in front of each student and asked them to
copy it. With acrylic and watercolor paints at hand, Susan
created Van Gogh's Starry Night putting the swirls of color
in her sky. That was all it took for her, at age 6, to value
fine art, respect the masters, and hope that someday she
would create her own wonderful works of art.

Susan, 47, is married and the mother of 4 children and 1
grandson. She and her family recently moved to Charlotte,
North Carolina from Maryland where she has been able to
create her studio for inspiring commissioned and personal

An artist since childhood, Susan has been painting
professionally for a decade and has sold her paintings to
collectors as far away as Italy and Paris, and many
throughout the United States.

Susan believes that it takes a lifetime to develop your
artistic signature and skill, and has studied with the finest
of living artists thru class study and workshops, and
master reproductions.

About the Artwork
Title: Freedom Street
Style: Impressionism
Subject: Americana
Uploaded: 29-May-07

Artist: Mary Susan Vaughn
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 46x30

Our country after September 11th. This painting was based on a AdCouncil Ad - "(A row of townhouses is visible, nothing out of the ordinary) "After September 11th, the terrorists wanted to change America forever"....(the screen goes black and then comes back with the same townhouses covered in American flags) "They succeeded." I was very taken by this ad and received permission to portray it in this oil painting. Now enjoyed by a collector in Texas.

Location of the Artist
Freedom Street
By Mary Susan Vaughn

United States

About the Artwork
Our country after September 11th. This painting was based on a AdCouncil Ad - "(A row of townhouses is visible, nothing out of the ordinary) "Aft...
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