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Modified Ghiradelli
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Artist Bio
Artist: Anthony M. Benjamin
Country: United States
A member since: 2003
ARTwork online: 3
ARTwork Visits: 2642

Rediscover Painting with Antonio?s Adult Painting Set

A Virtual Art Show on the benefits of painting.

Antonio?s Adult Painting Set is a rare collection of 30 fine ink detailed sketches of the exterior buildings in San Francisco, CA that is perfect for painting .

Antonio?s Painting Set primary objective is to re-awaken the spirit in adults that loved to paint as children and reinforce the benefits of painting like developing patience, improving eye and hand coordination and participation in a relaxing activity .

Antonio?s Painting Set secondary objective is to make us a team by giving you a product that you and me can work as a team thru the painting of the individual drawings which are very challenging and requires a lot determination to complete. Average painting time for and 8 ½ x 11 sketch is approximately 2 hours)

This one-of-a-kind art book is a numbered collection of 30 fine line ink sketches of buildings interior and exterior, landscapes primarily of San Francisco, Ca Fisherman Wharf. The sketches are suitable for hanging on a wall, placing in a book for admiring, a hobby for painting so to hang in your house or as a gift to give to loved ones..

Many pictures in the collection has the word ?Have Faith, Believe, Dreams Come True which is the theme of the collection .

The artist was born in 1952 in Baltimore, MD. He spent his youth and adolescence and lived a sheltered life. Raised in a religious home with his grandmother and mother who are both Baptist, Antonio Painting Set pictures are the artist visions of the Promised Land.

The author is a self taught artist who was trained in accounting and business management at colleges in
San Francisco, CA.

About the Artwork
Title: Modified Ghiradelli
Style: Mystical
Subject: Spiritual
Uploaded: 08-Jul-03

Artist: Anthony M. Benjamin
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 4 x 6

While this painting is for sale, this is an example of what can be done if Antonio's Adult Painting Set purchase. The above painting is modified version of Ghiradelli Square at San Francisco, CA Fisherman.

Location of the Artist
Modified Ghiradelli
By Anthony M. Benjamin

United States

About the Artwork
While this painting is for sale, this is an example of what can be done if Antonio's Adult Painting Set purchase. The above painting is modified versi...
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