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The Wheel
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Artist Bio
Artist: Ralph Berko
Country: United States
A member since: 2005
ARTwork online: 6
ARTwork Visits: 5186

Ralph Berko

Ralph's portfolio

Ralph Berko a native of Los Angeles became interested in the fine arts at the age of eighteen. He developed his style of geometric hard edge at California State University Northridge in 1972; he later went on to study fine art at The Art Center College, Pasadena. He has shown in many galleries in the Southern California area; including, The Richard Mann Gallery, The Creative Gallery, Leo Duval Design Gallery, The Threshold gallery, and The Swanson Gallery in San Francisco. His works are also displayed in several corporate collections.
I am an abstract, geometric painter. I have never thought of being anything but an artist. I map out my paintings with precise symmetry and a singular imagination. Creating three-dimensional design on a two-dimensional surface, I am able to fascinate the viewer with a sense of illusion. Geometric Hard-Edge Art, with its rich tradition, continues to find its admirers and certainly I am one for whom the contemporary style holds sufficient meaning.
Painted from an inventive pallet, some of my works are monochromatic while others are multicolored and very visual. Painting with the hard-edge technique, which entails painstaking masking and unmasking, I achieve my optical effects. Distinguished by my sense of movement and space, I try to stir the viewers mind, and imagination.

About the Artwork
Title: The Wheel
Style: Abstract
Uploaded: 14-Jan-05

Artist: Ralph Berko
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 48 x 105

Geometric painting on canvas

Location of the Artist
The Wheel
By Ralph Berko

United States

About the Artwork
Geometric painting on canvas
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