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ARTpostcard is a unique Ecard site. Site visitors send one-of-a-kind postcards that are a pleasure to receive. ARTpostcard reimagines the postcard and brings it into the digital age.

Original ARTwork
By International Artists
International artists provide their unique artwork and Vision Statement for use as an ARTpostcard. The ARTwork is completed and enriched by the people who send each Ecard. As an artist your artwork will travel the world.

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The ARTpostcard Difference
When you send an ARTpostcard you share in the journey. Find amazing ARTwork from artists around the world. An ARTpostcard is good for any occasion, mood or emotion to celebrate a birthday, a promotion, a new birth or a new hat - a wish for someoneĀ“s healing or the end of a war. Each card is unique.

Background ARTwork: dancer and choreographer by jorge gutierrex